Scott Loper's torture will not end until he is reunited with his missing son.

This site was put together by Friends of Scott Loper. It is a cry for help. It has become painfully obvious that nothing less than a public outcry will bring justice to Scott and Eddy Loper and, perhaps, for Carolyn, who may be a victim as well. We can only hope that, should that be the case, public knowledge will allow her to come forward, set the record straight, put the people behind bars who deserve to have justice served, and allow Scott and Eddy to reunite. Should that not be her intention, we are none-the-less confident that truth will prevail.

The atrocities committed against this once happy family should never be allowed to occur in a civilized society. They have only been allowed due to the abuse of power and illegal activities of the very individuals we entrust to keep us safe, and the indifference of public officials who have failed to support the established institutions, judicial, legislative, and international agreements of cooperation these officials have sworn to uphold.

We are not seeking accountability on the part of these officials as much as we are asking them to show some human integrity. When an individual places personal integrity on the top of their priority list, all else in the way of truth, justice, accountability and goodwill falls into harmony. The same applies to a nation and the institutions that nation creates.

There is no justifiable reason for what happened to the Loper family, and there is no reason Scott and Eddy should be deprived of a relationship with one another. We are not on a crusade to change the Canadian system. If we can contribute to that in some why by exposing this case, however, that can only be a positive side effect. This is an issue in the United States, when the government refuses to protect its citizens. It is a Canadian issue for a number of reasons - most importantly, where it regards police corruption and a policy, from one level of government to another, of ignoring that corruption, or, when that fails, enlisting exorbitant means of whitewashing crime and corruption, with no regard for the innocent victims of these ignorant and destructive policies.

The disappearance of Eddy Loper has affected more than just his father, Scott. Eddy's sisters, Shawna and Lace and brother Scotty (by Scott's previous marriages) and his grandmother all love and miss him. The ordeal has affected them all tremendously.

When Scott was imprisoned on trumped-up charges, Shawna was 11 years old. Lace was 22, Scotty was 9. None of them had any idea what had happened to the father they loved. The scars of having their father taken away and disappearing behind prison walls for four years will never go away.

Scott raised Lace. Shawna and Scotty came to spend quality time with their father every weekend. They think a lot of their father. He has always been devoted to his family, including his ex-wives, Sharon and Suzanne, who remain two of his best friends. They communicate frequently, care for one another, and often spend holidays together.

It has become sadly apparent that the only way we are going to get to the facts of the Scott Loper Story is through public outrage. If the Loper's story is not enough to spark that anger, one should think about the effects on each of us who steps a foot outside this country. For that matter, it is something for us all to reflect upon in considering the faith we place in public officials, when the notorious actions of drug-dealing cops are covered up and ignored by top officials of two governments, who obviously have no regard for the innocent victims of gangster-style corruption.