Where is Eddy? (In a nut shell)

Eddy Loper was abducted by his mother with the aid of the Canadian Government. Essentially, what happened to Eddy can justly be described as a state abduction.

How this came to be is not a simple story. But the laws and international agreements involved are simple, straightforward and clear. This page makes note of those laws and agreements and their violations, as well as providing the reader with a quick synopsis of the facts involved, in chronological order.

It should be noted here that Scott Loper has never received ANY paperwork from the government of Canada, other then the unsigned and irrelevant document given to the U.S. State Department as a "waiver" of his Vienna Convention rights. Much of the information we have, and documentation we have received, was obtained through sympathetic sources in Canada.

  • Family Life
    Scott Loper, a U.S. citizen, his Canadian-born wife, Carolyn, and his son, Eddy were a typical family living in Ontario, Canada. Scott also had regular visits with his two children from a previous marriage, and also an older daughter whom he had raised as a single parent.
  • Arrest - August, 2000
    Scott Loper is arrested on trumped-up charges when members of the Durham Regional Police Service in Ontario, Canada, discover he has evidence of their illegal activities. He is told he is being arrested for violating a restraining order. The alleged violation is a phone call he had made to Carolyn, asking her to pick him up to go to authorities with the evidence they had against members of the Durham Region drug squad. He is never shown the restraining order. It is doubtful one ever existed. Taken directly to the basement of nearby Whitby Jail, he goes through no booking process and is denied his right, under the Vienna Convention, to contact the U.S. Consulate.
  • Torture - August 2000 - March, 2001
    While in the Whitby Jail, Scott is tortured for months as corrupt police try to extort information leading to the location of the hidden evidence that may lead to their conviction.
  • Conviction - December, 2000
    Dazed and confused from months of torture, Scott pleads guilty to what he believes is a violation of a restraining order for making a phone call to his wife. He is convicted, however, of "Criminal Harassment" and sentenced to 2 years. He goes back to Whitby where the torture continues. He can handle the physical, but the mental stress finally causes the former U.S. Olympic weightlifting team medal winner to fold. He gives the corrupt police what they are after.
  • 2nd Conviction - 2002
    Scott is transferred to Millbrook, a provincial prison. During the transfer process, Scott learns, for the first time, that his conviction is for "Criminal Harassment", not "violating a restraining order". He writes to a relative of Carolyn, begging her to go to the RCMP with what she knows. For writing this letter, he is convicted and sentenced another two years for violating the terms of the trumped-up Criminal Harassment charge.
  • Divorce - April, 2002
    Scott is served with divorce papers. The divorce has already been finalized. Scott was not notified beforehand. The reason given by Carolyn for requesting the divorce is prolonged separation.
  • Custody of Eddy - July, 2002
    Proceedings take place in a closed courtroom, where Carolyn is granted full custody of Eddy and Scott's parental rights are terminated. It is mandated by the court that Scott not be informed, either before or after the proceedings have taken place.
  • Release - August, 2004
    An Ontario Provincial Police investigation begins into police corruption in the Durham Region Police Service. Scott's prison term is cut short. He is dumped, still chained and shackled, with no identification, at a U.S. Border Patrol station.
  • Congressmen Get Involved - 2005
    With the help of three U.S. Congressmen, Scott and his civil rights attorney, C. Scott Shields take the case to the State Department on the grounds that he was denied consular access.
  • The Unsigned "Waiver" - May, 2008
    After much ado, the State Department and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer produce a document they claim is a "waiver" of Scott's Vienna Convention rights to contact his consulate. The document, produced by the Canadian Immigration Service, pertains to the right to have a lawyer present at a deportation admissibility hearing. Scott had never seen the document before, nor had he attended such a hearing. The place for his required signature is blank. Furthermore, the document is dated June 3rd, 2003 - three years after his original incarceration. For all of the above reasons, the document is irrelevant and holds no bearing on Scott's right to consular access.
  • Witness Protection - November, 2008
    In correspondence, the State Department claims they have been told by the Canadian Government that Carolyn is in a witness protection program and thus cannot be contacted.
  • State Department Reverses Claim, But Says They Are Not Concerned - December, 2008
    In a letter to Congressman Frank Wolf, co-chair of the Congressional Human Rights Commission, the State Department reverses their stance that Scott waived his rights to consular access, but excuses the Canadians with the statement that "mistakes happen in every country." The letter goes on to state the department is not concerned "unless we determine a pattern of violations." (The State Department does not say how many U.S. Citizens have to suffer before the State Department determines there is a "pattern" worth their concern.)
  • Wolf Explodes - February, 2009
    In a fit of frustration, Congressman Frank Wolf exclaims "The State Department will not pursue Vienna Convention violations against any country on behalf Scott Loper or any American." This is a powerful statement that should be of concern to any U.S. citizen visiting a foreign country.
  • FOIA Requests - 2007 to 2010
    Scott has filed three Freedom of Information Requests with the State Department. These requests have been denied. In denying these requests, the State Department is violating federal law. When finally threatened with a law suit, they indicated they would comply. So far, they have only partially done so, releasing only frivolous information.


Governmental and Judicial Violations

What drives governmental officials to violate their own laws and ignore the importance of international treaties? Certainly not just to protect Carolyn Preyde-Loper or to demonize Scott Loper and, most certainly not in looking out for the best interests of Eddy Loper.

The reasons run deeper than concern or lack of concern for the Loper family. They are entrenched in the Canadian Government trying to keep their own corruption under cover and the U.S. Government lending them a hand in doing so - at the EXPENSE of Eddy and his father.

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention states that a national arrested in a foreign country has the right to contact their consulate or embassy "without delay". Scott Loper, arrested on trumped-up charges by criminal cops he was about to expose, was denied this access, which would have prevented any of the subsequent events from taking place including, most importantly, Eddy Loper's disappearance. The Canadians have no credible evidence whatsoever of the false charges against Scott Loper. They are well aware of this fact.

The Canadian Witness Protection Act of 1996 requires any parent to properly resolve any matters involving child custody before they may be eligible to apply for enrollment in such a program. The Canadian government apparently tried to resolve this issue by granting Carolyn full custody and terminating Scott's parental rights in a closed hearing, the records of which were sealed. Scott was not notified of the proceedings. This is a direct judicial violation of human rights and goes beyond what would be considered moral decency in any civilized society.

The Hague Convention, regarding parental responsibility and measures for the protection of children is an international agreement, signed by both Canada and the United States. In light of the above, it is highly unlikely that a world court would regard the custody ruling of Eddy Loper as anything other than a state child abduction.

Freedom of Information Act requests instigated by Scott Loper with the U.S. State Department, simply asking for any documents containing his name, have been denied. This is a violation, on the part of the State Department, of federal law.

The articles and information found on this Web site will not only explain what the Canadian government is trying to hide, but will also ask the more important question, "Why is the U.S. Government willing to go along with the ruse rather than fighting for the rights of its citizens?"



Dana Perino Press Conference

The question of the government's response was brought up at a White House press conference with Press Secretary Dana Perino.

Child murderer Jose Medellin never claimed he was a Mexican citizen until he received the death penalty - some 10 years after being arrested for the crime. President Bush went to bat to uphold the dubious rights of a confessed child murderer, yet Washington seems unwilling to hold the Canadian government to the same standards.