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"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."
-- Marshall McLuhan

Press Room

For various reasons, some of the documents and other information is available in the Media Kit only, to qualified members of the press. It is not our desire to inconvenience you, but rather to make it more convenient for you to have the tools to verify this story at your fingertips.

The kit contains source contacts, documents, graphic material and other relevant information, in user-friendly HTML format, allowing quick access to the information you need.

The kit will be made available by download or CD.

We trust reputable members of the press will have open minds and a true objective desire for the facts. We expect you will scrutinize both sides of this story and reach for the truth. With that in mind, the Media Kit provides contact information representing parties on both sides of this issue.

It has been proven to us that the government of Canada will go to any extreme to discredit the character of Scott Loper. We can only hope the press will accept as valid only those facts that can be genuinely confirmed to contain actual substance. The trumped-up charges against Scott Loper are just that. There can be no evidence of crimes that were never committed.

The credibility of Scott Loper will stand up under any scrutiny, and we are well prepared to back that statement up. Claims made to the contrary will not stand up under such scrutiny, as they will be based on groundless, defensive accusation, and can easily be filed in the same cylinder as rumor, hearsay and innuendo. We are prepared to back this statement up as well.

Should you meet with such personal attacks and claims (and, most assuredly, you will) we expect you will allow us to respond and set the record straight. Concocted stories and character assassination without foundation, whether put forth by government officials or a terrorized mother, cannot stand up against actual substance.

To obtain a Media Kit, please enter your contact information below, or call Buddy Logan, at 206-418-1003. We will respond to e-mail requests without delay.


We will not share your personal information with anyone for any reason. We appreciate your interest and respect your confidentiality.
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What's in the Kit

  • Highly sensitive documents the Canadian government does not want you to see. These are official documents, obtained through sympathetic inside sources in Canada, that clearly show Canadian officials to be in violation of international agreements and cover-up regarding Scott, Carolyn and Eddy Loper.
  • List of noteworthy contacts that will indisputably verify the rock-solid credibility of Scott Loper.
  • List of expert contacts well versed on the subject of police corruption in Canada.
  • List of other contacts involved on both sides of this case.
  • Correspondence between Scott Loper, Scott's attorney - C. Scott Shields, various Congressional representatives and members of the U.S. State Department.
  • Freedom of Information Act requests that have been denied by the U.S. State Department. (A violation of federal law.)
  • Photographic documentation directly related to the Lopers that brings the credibility of the Canadian government into question.
  • Verifiable details of the life of Scott Loper, beginning with his early days growing up in New Jersey, his time as a U.S. Olympic team member, a New Jersey Sheriff's officer and family man.

"The men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the Nationís greatness, but the men who question that power make a contribution just as indispensable -- for they determine whether we use power or power uses us."

-- John F. Kennedy



If you chose to download the Media Kit, you will receive a Web address and a personal code to download the files.

The download will consist of one file in zip format, which will expand into a miniature Web site.

The CD can be run directly from the CD or copied into a Windows folder.


Some documents are not for public display and will be labeled as such, yet will make for valuable research tools.



We will keep your contact information on file for the purpose of notifying you whenever there is breaking news or updated information. Your contact information will be kept confidential.